6 Style Hacks Every Woman Should Try

I’m all about effortless (and affordable) style. Sure, I love to try out new trends — but if I’m going to invest in a higher-end clothing or accessory item, it needs to be something that I can get mileage from for several seasons to come.

The same applies to my personal style. If I could describe how I dress in one word, it would be classic. Ten years from now when I perusing all of my old What I’m Wearing posts, I think most of the outfits will still be very wearable. I often opt for staple pieces, because again I’m cheap frugal and don’t like wasting money on things I won’t want to wear ever again after a few months.

So if you’re a stickler for spending smarter on fashion items like I am, there are few timeless style hacks that work no matter your body type or personal style that I swear by. Take a look:

What I'm Wearing: Chunky Turtleneck Sweater
Photo by Blushandsuch.com

1. Embrace the Turtleneck: Turtleneck sweaters are a staple in my wardrobe during the colder months — the chunkier the better. It helps make an inexpensive sweater look luxe. Case and point: This fab version I spotted over on Asos.com for under $30.

Style Hacks: Show Us Your Brights
Photo by Blushandsuch.com

2. Incorporate Bright Colors in Unexpected Places: If you’re hesitant about rocking a bold hue, there are so many ways to weave bolder shades into your look that don’t involve clothing. Think: jewelry, shoes, belts, handbags and beauty products (like the Wet-n-Wild nail polish I’m wearing here in Grasping for Strawberries).

Style Hacks: Give Your Jeans the Day Off
Photo by Blushandsuch.com

3. Rock a Laidback Look That Doesn’t Include Jeans: For a stylish weekend look that doesn’t include wearing jeans, wear a pair of dressy jogger-style pants in a cool neutral such as olive green. If you must wear denim in some form, throw on a denim shirt layered over a slim-fit tee with some layered necklaces and ankle boots like I did here. This outfit is perfect for the early spring or early fall months.

Style Hacks: Top It Off With a Hat
Photo by Blushandsuch.com

4. Top Off Your Look With a Chic Hat: I’m a sucker for a fedora-style hat no matter the season. During the spring and summer, I opt for straw versions. During the fall and winter, I go for hats in sturdier fabrics, such as wool- and felt-blends, that help shield me from the cold temps.

What I'm Wearing: Chunky Turtleneck Sweater
Photo by Blushandsuch.com

5. Accessories Can Make (or Break) an Outfit: When it comes to creating a fly look, it’s all about the details. How you accessorize an outfit can be the difference in looking put together with little effort or looking as if you’re trying way too hard. When it comes to jewelry, I’m definitely going through a “less is more” phase right now. I’ll layer a couple of delicate chain necklaces, instead of wearing a huge statement piece — and I’ve been doubling up on thin bangles paired with bold cocktail ring, too.

What I'm Wearing: Shades of Gray
Photo by Blushandsuch.com

6. Scarves Are the Real MVP: Adding
a scarf to your look is one of the easiest ways kick up the style factor on any outfit. There are also a great alternative to wearing a necklace. I’m a sucker for printed versions like the one I’m wearing in this pic. If I had to choose one printed scarf that works with practically everything, it would have to be a leopard print one (because leopard is a neutral, right?!).

P.S., To see my top fashion and accessory picks (all for under $50) for incorporating the above style hacks into your wardrobe, check out the links below:

Women Oversized Turtleneck Tunic • Uniqlo • $39.90
SPARKLE ALLURE Sparkle Allure Red Cocktail Ring • $34
Women’s Juicy Couture Cargo Jogger Pants • Juicy Couture • $30
Women Wool Wide Brim Fedora Hat • Uniqlo • $29.90
Passiana Gold Nail Bangle • $48
MANGO Leopard Print Scarf • MANGO • $15.99

. . . and if you’re looking for more wearable style inspiration, check out Popsugar’s month-long style hack challenge.

Keep it stylish,

Andrea, S&P Founder and Editor

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