My Personal Style Resolutions for 2017

My Personal Style Resolutions for 2017
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Hello, dear readers! We’re almost a full month into the New Year and during my extended holiday blogging break (which was much needed!), I took some time to reflect on my personal style — and where there’s room for improvement.

Over the years, I’ve vowed to purge my closet more often (which I’ve stuck to on a quarterly basis), as well as post more outfit pics on Instagram (this actually morphed into me doing a regular OOTD series here on the blog).

This year, I’ve decided to focus more on fine-tuning my personal style. Making my 2017 goals less about adding more things to my wardrobe, but rather getting the most out of what I already own. And when I do happen to by something new, it’s an absolute must that I love that item and it fits me perfectly (figuratively — and physically).

Here are five personal style resolutions that I’m committing to this year:

1. Find a good tailor. My body type is pear-shaped (read: I’m smaller on top and curvier on the bottom). So buying skirts, pants and jeans is usually a problem. I almost always have to go up one size in these items, because they tend to be too snug around my hips and backside. Unfortunately, that means the waist in the larger size is wayyyyyyyy too big and leaves that dreaded gap in the back.

I usually just take these items to a cleaners that does alterations near my job or home, but that always feels so impersonal. And to be completely honest, depending on who is doing the alterations the end result can be very hit or miss — but after you’ve prepaid and your article of clothing has been altered, what can you do?

I want to find a tailor (read: someone who specializes in doing alterations) that I can go-to without hesitation. So if you are in the D.C.-area and have any recommendations. Please drop me a line in the comments below!

P.S., My husband has even joined the tailored fit bandwagon, too, with his pants. He used to be a die-hard boot-cut or straight leg-kind of guy, but last year he discovered this hidden gem of a menswear store called Bonobos. He now swears by their slim cut jeans and chinos — and I must admit I like them a lot on him!

2. Stop buying things I don’t *really* need because they’re on sale. As a style blogger, I feel it’s my duty to share all of the great deals that hit my inbox from stores every week. The downside to that is after going through all of those e-mails, I often find myself loading up my own online shopping cart with stuff that isn’t a necessity — although deeply discounted. Simply put, this has got to stop. With my latest closet purge a couple weeks ago, about half of the items that made it into the donation pile were items that I purchased on sale that I hadn’t worn in at least a year. Womp, womp!

3. Say N-O to shoes that hurt. Since I’m purging my closet more regularly now — which includes shoes, jewelry and handbags in addition to clothes — I’ve been making it a point to donate shoes (even if I’ve had them under two years) that hurt my feet.

What that means is I’m down to my last three pairs of pointy-toe heels that don’t murder my feet after only two hours of wear. I’ve also dwindled down my collection of stilettos and now own mostly chunkier heeled shoes with almond or round-ish toes.

Fortunately, I like the way my feet look and am thankful that I don’t have any unsightly corns or bunions that come from years of stuffing my feet into shoes that don’t fit properly (. . . in my 20s I loved a super pointy toe heel *sighs*) — and I’d like to keep it that way.

4. Wear more skirts. It’s not that I don’t like skirts (I own lots of them), but I loveeeee a slim-fit pant (a quick review of my What I’m Wearing posts confirms this obsession). In general, pants are just easier to wear, especially during the colder months when I’m commuting via public transportation to and from work. With that said, I bought my first pair of over-the-knee boots recently and am realizing just how clutch they are this time of year when wearing a skirt or dress. They provide full coverage just like pants do. I’ve even found myself wearing more skirts over the past few weeks as a result.

During the warmer months, my biggest complaint is thigh sweat (uggghhh!). I do lots of walking everyday and stomping around in hot and humid temps in a skirt is no fun. Unless I’m Uber-ing to work or it happens to be a cooler day, I will likely have on pants. I want to change this, so any tips and tricks you might have that will help make wearing skirts more bearable in extreme weather conditions would be most appreciated.

Keep it stylish,

Andrea, S&P Founder and Editor

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