6 Hair Trends I’m Loving Right Now

I get really excited about hair during the colder months. Sure, there’s always a worry about static-charged hat hair — but there’s also low-humidity and spending more time indoors that helps keep your hair looking its best.

With that in mind, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite hair trends for the fall and winter seasons that work on just about everyone. Take a look:

1. Brushed-out curls: Save your natural curl pattern for the summer and put a spin on the beloved curls by channeling your inner-Solange with these soft curls. Use a barrel curling iron to create mid-sized ringlets all over your head. Use a large paddle brush to brush them out from root to tip. Afterwards, use your fingers to fluff for volume.

Solange Knowles
Photo via UPI.com

2. Layered waves: Waves aren’t only for the summer if cut into a super modern layered cut similar to the way Ciara often rocks her hair. Use a large barreled curling iron to create loose waves. Tousle a bit so that they don’t look too perfect and smooth on a serum for ultimate shine.

Photo via Seventeen.com

3. Ultra sleek pony: Take your pony out of the gym and give it a glamorous edge. Rihanna rocks this look oh-so-right! Use a smoothing pomade and a boar brush to create a smooth pony at the base of the neck and secure with an elastic. Wrap a few strands of hair tightly around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin.

Photo via InStyle UK

4. Volume: Voluminous hair is its own accessory and makes a bold, sexy statement. Brandy slayed the red carpet with this bouncy mane. If you have naturally thick hair embrace it and make it larger! Use a voluminous hair spray to boost strands and shape with your fingers.

Photo via Essence.com

5. Bowl cut: This isn’t the cut that boys had in elementary school. This hair trend is shiny, innovative and shapes the face — just check out Zendaya’s precision cut. Ask your stylist to shape your cut right below the eyebrows to beautifully frame your eyes. Be sure to keep the hair glossy by spritzing on shine spray daily.

Photo via the Daily Mail UK

6. Cornrows: Cornrows are making a huge comeback and they are great for winter. They add some edge to any look (think: Beyonce’ in “Lemonade”) and also work well for wearing with winter hats! To keep those small hairs around the hairline at bay, use an edge control gel.

Photo via the Daily Mail UK

Love, peace and beauty,

Kimberly, S&P Beauty Contributor

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