Luxe Life vs. Real Life: Gucci’s Leather Crossover Sandal

Gucci’s leather crossover sandals have been making the fashion rounds. Everybody has been rocking them — from street style stars Tamu McPherson and Shiona Turini to celebs Solange Knowles and Dakota Johnson. The quilted leather bands paired with the chunky heel make for a comfy chic shoe that can be worn with everything from a maxi dress to your favorite denim cut-offs. At $595, however, these heels can take a huge chunk out of your spring/summer fashion budget.

Zara — a fast fashion favorite — is already on it with a Gucci-inspired heel that won’t dig too deep into your pockets with their leather high heel sandal in red. The big difference visually is that Zara’s version has an ankle strap with a silver buckle and the heel is just shy of four inches. Gucci’s sandal is a mule style that has a slightly curved heel that measures four and half inches. Another thing worth mentioning is the quilted detail on the Zara shoe isn’t as plush compared to Gucci’s version. Both have leather uppers, but the heel on the Zara shoe is made from vulcanized rubber, while the Gucci heel is covered in leather.

If you don’t mind those few differences, the Zara heels could be a cost-friendly alternative especially if you love the style of the Gucci shoe, but can’t swing the hefty price tag.

Keep it stylish,

Andrea, S&P Founder and Editor

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