Hellooooo, 2016!

It has been far too long since I last posted here on S&P — but I’ve got a good reason. The last few weeks of 2015 were crazy busy for me thanks to the holidays and putting the final touches on planning my wedding (yep, I got married earlier this month). I don’t get super personal here on the blog, but I kind of mentioned that it was happening here. So between work, buying holiday gifts, making sure I spent quality time with my out-of-town family, final dress fittings, getting married and going on my honeymoon, blogging had to take a backseat for a few weeks.

(P.S., I’ve decided not to do a post about my wedding, but if you’d like to see my day-of look, one of the pics my wedding photographer took made it into Buzzfeed’s round-up of 31 Brides Who Absolutely Rocked Short Hair on Their Wedding Day (I’m #28). Big thank you to MUA extraordinaire Kia of Yummy411 for my fabulous beauty look.)

As I settle back into regularly scheduled programming here on the blog, I’ve been thinking a lot about style and beauty resolutions I’d like to tackle in 2016. Here are a few:

1. Stop buying cheaply made handbags. While fast fashion stores are great for picking up trendy clothing and accessories for low prices, I’ve decided to stop buying handbags from these types of establishments altogether. I hate wasting money, so it definitely grinds my gears when I purchase a bag made from lower-quality materials, such as PVC, that starts to fall apart six months later.

Fashion and style resolutions

I totally took advantage of Cole Haan’s killer Black Friday sale in December and snagged a large leather tote bag originally priced at $300 for just $90 plus free shipping. My goal from here on out is to keep a close eye on my fave higher-end brands for sales and scoop up handbags on my wishlist then. I’ve got a leather Calvin Klein drawstring bucket bag bookmarked and am now waiting for the President’s Day sale promos to make the rounds :)

2. A few weeks ago, Kim of Blushandsuch (. . . and beauty contributor here at S&P) and I were chatting about investing in better quality skincare products. That doesn’t mean swearing off my drugstore faves (I will forever be #teamCetaphil and #teamRoCSkincare), but when it comes to things like anti-aging serums I think it’s worth spending a few extra dollars on higher-end brands, because they offer a higher concentration of product. As a woman over 30, taking preventative measures to combat the early signs of aging is top priority when it comes to my skincare regimen.

Photo: Pear285 via Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Pear285 via Wikimedia Commons

For the last couple of months, I’ve been using Clinique’s Custom-Repair Serum, which helps diminish fine lines, even skin tone and firm skin. I use it during the daytime underneath my daily moisturizer with SPF. At nearly $60, it’s definitely one of the most expensive skincare products that I use, but I’m seeing results and plan to stick with it. I’m currently looking for a slightly heavier serum to add to my p.m. routine underneath my night cream. Any recommendations?

3. Step up my outerwear game. I want to get a bit more adventurous with my outerwear choices. I tend to go with jackets and coats in neutral tones, such as black, gray and tan — I mean . . . they go with everything. I want to pick up a topper or two this season in a fun print or color. I’m thinking a longline coat in a plaid print or a wool cape in a vibrant lime hue would be way cool.

MAJOR SWOON ALERT: Barney's New York 'Evie' Jacket, $299, barneyswarehouse.com
MAJOR SWOON ALERT: Barney’s New York ‘Evie’ Jacket, $299, barneyswarehouse.com

. . . this coat, though?!?!?!?! YASSSSSSSSSSSS, please!!!!

Cheers to a stylishly beautiful new year,

Andrea, S&P Founder and Editor


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