What I’m Wearing: The Hipster Hat

What I'm Wearing

What I'm Wearing

What I'm Wearing

What I'm Wearing

What I'm Wearing

What I’m Wearing: Knit Top: H&M | Hat: H&M | Jeggings: TJ Maxx | Knee Boots: Nine West | Handbag: Zara | Necklaces: Stella & Dot | Photos by Blushandsuch

You know how you see someone wearing a particular fashion item and think to yourself, ‘That’s really cute, but I could never see myself wearing that’? That’s how I felt when I saw my sis-in-law (who happens to take the OOTD posts for this blog) wearing this wool hat from H&M. I’ve officially dubbed it “The Hipster Hat,” because I tend to see artsy 20-somethings rocking this style of hat on the regular.

As we were getting ready to shoot this look, which is a bit more casual and something I’d wear to run errands on the weekend, I knew it needed something extra. She was wearing this hat and I thought let’s give it a try. Surprisingly, I liked it a lot more than I was expecting and just might get one of my own. It’s perfect for disguising a bad hair day during the fall months.

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Keep it stylish,

Andrea, S&P Founder and Editor

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