Nail Trends: Giving Acrylic Tips a Try

Nails continue to be a major beauty trend — from nail art to talon lengths and even bare nails. As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, I feel the need to try as many of these trends as possible. So a couple weeks ago I decided to get some acrylic nail tips. When I was in high school, acrylic tips were all the rage — long, square nails paired with bold nail art. Today’s nail trends, however, point more in the direction of matte finishes and unique shapes and I’ve been inspired by all of it. 

I usually do my own nails, so going to a packed nail salon on a Sunday afternoon was an instant reminder of what comes with getting acrylic tips: potentially having to wait (and wait) to be worked on by a nail technician. 

I was eventually seated with a nail tech who quickly got to work. After 30 minutes of buffing, drilling and painting (I chose a baby pink OPI shade), I had “mile high” nails — and I can’t even lie, I instantly loved them. They made my hands look more elegant and I even thought my wedding ring looked better afterwards.

Acrylic nail tips

I’m not going lie, I quickly realized I had lots of “getting used to my nails being this long” ahead of me. For example, I dropped a bobby pin on the floor of my car and had a hard time picking it up, typing required a lot more backspacing and I couldn’t deny the urge to drum my fingers just to hear the tapping sound.

I also had quite the time keeping my nails clean. With my new nails being so long, it was easy for food and moisturizer to get trapped under them. I’ve been washing my hands so many times a day, I’m starting to chafe. I can say wholeheartedly that the way I can model midi rings now makes it worth it.

It’s now been just over two weeks now and I recently went back to the nail salon for a fill-in. Yes, I know my natural nails are taking a beating, but I absolutely adore the way my hands look now. I am wondering, though, how long I will rock them before I’m ready to give the next big nail trend a try. I’ll keep you posted!

Love, peace & beauty,

Kimberly, S&P Beauty Contributor

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