9 Stylish Items You Need While on Vacation

Vacation season is in full effect! Sitting poolside in a cute swimsuit, a straw hat and flipping through the pages of a good book are a top priority for me this week. When I was packing for my trip, the items I immediately went to were: a bright beach bag (I actually scored a cute yellow one from Tar-zhay for under $20), a flowy dress, shorts-shorts-shorts, oversized sunglasses, a couple cute beach cover-ups and a comfy pair of flat sandals that I could wear with a number of outfits to help avoid overpacking.

I reallllllly wanted a straw hat, but waited until the very last minute to go shopping for one — and, of course, I couldn’t find one that I liked when I went to the mall the day before my flight *sighs*

If you’ve got a summer getaway on your calendar in the coming weeks, here’s some stylish inspiration for what to take with you. These nine must-haves are all under $30 . . . you’re welcome ;-)

Where to shop: Hat | Beach Bag | Maxi Dress | Denim Cut-Offs | Sunglasses | Bikini Top & Bottom | Flip Flops | Crossbody Bag | Sarong

Keep it stylish,

Andrea, S&P Founder and Editor

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