How to: Day-to-Night Makeup

Last week, I was invited to check out a friend deejay at a restaurant/lounge after work. While hanging out on a weeknight is a rarity for me, when it happens I always try to pack a little something extra in my makeup bag in the morning to help transition my beauty look from day-to-night in a pinch. I’ve found that when making a quick makeup change, it’s all about finding one feature to highlight — like a bold lip color or a smokey eye.

How to: Day-to-Night Makeup

On this particular day, I went to work with my usual daytime face. I started with medium coverage foundation, filled-in brows, mascara, and lip balm. When I went out later that night, I decided to focus on my my eyes by creating a feline-inspired cat eye I’d been dying to try. I also wanted to add some highlight to my face and a soft lip color. Remember, transitioning your beauty look from day-to-night is not about applying a new face, but rather small additions that give your everyday look an edge.

Pro tip: Evaluate how you look at the end of the workday. If your skin is oily, you should pack powder to help keep it at bay. If your lips dry out and your lipstick flakes, pack balm to smooth it away.  I’d also recommend packing no more than five items total.

Here’s how I transitioned my makeup look from day-to-night:

How to: Day-to-Night Makeup

1. I used BellaPierre Gel Eye Liner in Ebony ($14.99) to trace along the waterline on my eyes. I recommend doing this a few times to build-up a fair amount of product under the eye.

2. Take a small pencil-like brush and smudge the liner down a bit (I used a #1 Shany makeup brush).

3. To create the feline winged effect, use the very tip of your eye pencil to create a small line from the tear duct to the bridge of the nose.

4. To help battle shine, I brushed Forever 21 Pressed Powder in Tan ($12.80) all over my face.

5. Next, I applied a highlighting powder on my cheekbones and the top of my nose to add dimension. I love MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Superb.

6. To finish, I swiped on a neutral color since the eyes were the wow factor for this look. I used City Color Creamy Lip Stain in Flirtini ($4.99). It’s a slightly deep pink shade that blends well with any natural lip color.

Love, peace and beauty,

Kimberly, S&P Beauty Contributor

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