VIDEO: How to Create Boho Beachy Waves

I find hair inspiration all around me. One trend, in particular, has been a favorite of mine for the past few weeks: boho beachy waves. The hair trend hit the runways at Jill Stuart, Nicole Miller and Marchesa. The hair trend is a chic way to add volume for a sexy bed-head look that complements all face shapes.

There are many methods to achieving the perfect wave and some include a no-clip curling wand where the hair is wrapped around the wand for a few seconds, then released. I don’t own a curling wand, so I’ve found a way to achieve the look using my everyday flat iron. I take large sections and twist them away from my face, and then give them a good tousle at the end.

How to Style Your Hair:

(1) Using my tutorial video above as a guide, start by applying a pea-sized amount of anti-frizz oil or heat protectant to the hair. I used a Marrakesh Endz Argan & Help Oil Therapy Split End Mender & Preventer on the hair that frames my face and then down the hair shaft.

(2) Take medium sized sections of hair and pull away from the head. Use a flat iron on a low to medium setting to grasp hair and curl away from the face. It’s important not to curl down to the ends of the hair. You want to leave the ends straight to achieve waves.

(3) Continue to curl the hair section-by-section until your entire hair is waved. Then, take your fingers and run them through the waves to separate, tousle and smooth down any frizz. For added volume, flip your head and tousle your strands with your head down. Voila!

And here’s the finished look . . .

Spring Hair Inspiration: How to Create Boho Beachy Waves

Note: If you have longer hair, a flat iron may not be the best tool, but if your hair is shoulder length or slightly shorter, this method should work perfectly. 

Love, peace and beauty,

Kimberly, S&P Beauty Contributor

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