Fab Finds Under $100: Color-block Cardigan

With the weather flip-flopping — warm and spring-like one day, then chilly and fall-like the next — it’s definitely making it hard to commit to swapping out the winter clothes in my closet for warmer threads. Transitioning my day-to-day wardrobe to incorporate more spring pieces has been a slow process to say the least.

But I’ve been quietly stock-piling warm weather attire that I fully intend put into regular rotation once the weather gets itself together. I’m currently coveting thisΒ Cynthia Cardigan from NastyGal.com. The black and white color combo makes it perfect to wear with just about every color in your closet. And it can double as a “jacket” during those first few weeks of spring when the weather is cooler in the evenings.

Cynthia Cardigan, $47.60, nastygal.com
Cynthia Cardigan, $47.60, nastygal.com

Keep it stylish,

Andrea, S&P Founder and Editor

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