Fashion Forward: News & Advice

Stay up on the latest fashion trends, beauty tips and style advice:

How to Dress Like Olivia Palermo in 7 Easy Steps (

Finally, There’s a Cool Collection for Short Girls (

12 Makeup Tools You Need Now (

Fashion Inspiration: Bill Cunningham, Ice Blues (

The Best Style Tips for Large-Chested Women (

How to Disguise Chipped Nail Polish (Yahoo! Style)

Keep it stylish,

Andrea, S&P Founder and Editor

2 thoughts on “Fashion Forward: News & Advice

  1. Adorei a cor Camila, adoro rosa, minhas maqgnaueis de fim de ano ficaram ótimas meu namorado super elogiou, to ficando cada vez mais viciada em maquiagem, graças a você! Bjs[]

  2. Melkein samaan pääsin: 31/50. Omalla kohdallani tulosta laski se, etten ole juurikaan lukenut Anna-Leena Härköstä (vain Häräntappoaseen ja yhden novellikokoelman). Leena Lander on jo vuosia ollut lukulistallani. :)Tämä Saran idea oli huikea!

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