Beauty Breakdown: 5 Things to Click on Now

Know what’s better than buying new beauty products? Using the ones you already have! With vacation looming, I’m in full-on budget mode. So, I’ve looked to the Interwebs to find tips on how to maximize the potential of the contents of my makeup bag.

Here are a few of my favorite recent beauty reads:

Blush 101

Lauren Conrad’s beauty site has a great tip for applying cream or powder brush. The secret? Use your finger to determine exactly where to start applying the blush. This simple trick will help you achieve a flawless flush.  [via The Beauty Department]

Organic Mascara Guide

I like my makeup to be as natural as possible, but mascara is a particularly tricky product. When I’m looking for something in particular, I don’t stop at reading recommendations on my favorite blogs — I read the comments to see who has tried what and (most importantly) whether it worked. This open thread on Into The Gloss offers an array of swear-by-it suggestions, including my favorite — 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara. [via Into The Gloss]

Glasses + Makeup = Not as complicated as you think

While many of my friends wear contacts, I actually love my glasses. They’re a pretty consistent accessory for my face. But they can also interfere with my beauty look. Enter, Byrdie’s great guide on getting makeup to stand out while still complementing your specs. One unexpected tip? Opt for cream blush, which is easier to retouch if your frames slip. [via Byrdie]

Pastel Hair

I’ve been feeling the pastel hair trend for a while now, but I can’t exactly take chalk to my dark brown tresses. Refinery29 explored what the pastel hair trend means for women of color. It’s fascinating and the results are really beautiful. [via Refinery29]

Raw Food Beauty

When I think about incorporating food into my beauty routine, it’s usually because I’m smearing raw honey into my hair (or on my face for a mask). But Elle points out several foods — walnuts and carrots among them — that can make your skin glow from the inside out. So, maybe switch up that green juice every once in a while. [via Elle]

Stay beautiful,

Bethonie, S&P Beauty Contributor

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