Real Style With Ritch Bich’s Amorette Brooms

Ritch Bich boutique is located at 5011 West Pico Boulevard Suite B in Los Angeles.
Ritch Bich boutique is located at 5011 West Pico Boulevard Suite B in Los Angeles.

No matter how cute your outfit may be, no look is complete without the right accessories. A mix of baubles (think: statement necklaces, cocktail rings and cuff bracelets) can help up the style ante on even the most basic of casual looks.

Enter Ritch Bich (see what they did there?), a Los Angeles-based accessories boutique, founded in 2010 by Amorette Brooms along with her sister and mother. I’ve been following the shop on Instagram and their e-commerce site (which relaunches later this spring) for some time now and am a huge fan of their bold, eye-catching pieces at affordable prices.

I had a chance to chat with Amorette recently to discuss why she decided to open a jewelry store, what’s the one accessory she can’t live without and much more. Take a look:

Why did you decide to open an accessories boutique?

I opened Ritch Bich in April 2010 with my sister and mom. We decided to go with accessories, because we love them — and they fit everyone.

Describe the quintessential Ritch Bich girl.

Our girl is classy and owns the room when she walks in. She is glamorous and fabulous, but is also smart. She is not going to overpay for her look. Sure, she’ll spurge when it’s time to, but she’s not going to buy a handbag that costs as much as someone’s mortgage before she herself owns property. She is “ritch” in spirit, love & life.

Lana Earrings in Teal, $18,
Lana Earrings in Teal, $18,

Everything in your store is available at a budget-friendly price point. Why was is it important to do that?

I don’t believe that trinkets to make yourself beautiful should cost an arm and a leg. I keep my price points where I would be comfortable buying. And I’m practical.

Which accessory trends are you looking forward to for spring?

I’m not really sure, but I know what trends I’m ready to see die and that’s the ratchet trend. Everything is too short too tight and leaving nothing to the imagination. I don’t think it’s sexy. I probably sound old-fashioned, but I’m ready for the return of lady-like glam — kitten heels and tea-length skirts.

What’s your go-to accessory item right now?

Big shades, because I live in Los Angeles.

Brave Bracelet, $19,
Brave Bracelet, $19,

Who are your style icons?

I like Beyoncé and Solange. They’re just killing it right now and they’re sisters. They remind me of us. I also like the Kardashians for the same reasons.

What are your three must-have beauty products?

I’m a natural girl — shea butter and olive and coconut oils. If I’m stepping out, I’ll dab on some MAC lipstick.

You have a store in L.A. Any plans to branch out to other cities?

I’d love to open a store Brooklyn. I’m also working on a pop-up concept, so that I can travel and hit up different cities — like a tour. I think that would be really fun!

To learn more about Ritch Bich and to see their complete line of accessories, go to Read more “Real Style” posts here.

Keep it stylish,

Andrea, S&P Founder and Editor

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