DIY Beauty: Nail Art

I love giving myself manicures. It’s a quick and easy way to spruce up your look without a ton of effort or spending lots of money. And since I’m absolutely a drugstore beauty girl, some of my favorite nail polish brands include Sally Hansen (their Complete Salon ManicureΒ line is the truth — and I swear by their Miracle Nailgrowth Treatment),Wet ‘n Wild and Revlon. With a good base and top coat, the cheaper brands last just as long as some of the pricier versions.

I’m also a big fan of nail art, but since I work in a somewhat conservative office environment I can’t get too wild and crazy. One thing that I’ve discovered when experimenting with various DIY nail art looks is that by keeping the color palette fairly neutral or in the same color family, I can be a bit more playful with the design (see some of the looks I’ve created below).

Check out some of my DIY manis on Instagram (@Stylin_Profilin).
Check out some of my DIY manis on Instagram (@Stylin_Profilin).

Lately, I’ve been turning to Instagram for beauty inspiration and there’s no shortage of pretty mani pics — especially on Mondays (be sure to check out #ManiMonday). Some of my favorite pages to stalk for ideas include esnail_la, youngwildandpolished and CNDWORLD. And thanks to YouTube, I’ve got to try my hand at Great Gatsby-themed nails. They would be perfect for a dressed-up cocktail party.

READERS’ TAKE: Have you tried DIY nail art? How did it turn out? Discuss in the comments below.

Stay beautiful,

Andrea, S&P Founder and Editor

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