Real Style With Doobop Beauty’s Jodie Patterson

It’s no secret that there’s a serious lack of attention paid to women of color in the fashion and beauty industries. Companies either don’t create clothes with our body types in mind or create products tailored to our range of skin types and skincare issues.

Jodie Patterson, co-founder,
Jodie Patterson, co-founder,

So, when a site like — a beauty e-commerce destination founded by Jodie Patterson and Benjamin Bernet that targets women of multicultural backgrounds — comes along, it’s like FINALLY . . . someone listened (I promptly placed my first order soon after the site launched last November — and even Oprah is a fan).

In addition to offering a variety of skin, hair and makeup products from brands such as IMAN Cosmetics, NCLA and PhytoSpecific, DOOBOP also donates $1 to charity and includes free samples with each order. Recently, I had a chance to pick Jodie’s brain about everything from what inspired the site to her style icons. Here’s what she had to say:

Why was it important for you and Benjamin to create a beauty site that caters to women from multicultural backgrounds?

Beauty in real-time is important to us. We looked around our neighborhoods in NYC and took moments to absorb what women really look like — not what the magazines are depicting. We see women in all shades and with all textures! For us, we understand that businesses have to stay relevant in order to stay around. So, we simply just spoke to what we see everyday, to the beauty we see every day, to the woman we see everyday who’s traditionally had a hard time shopping for her unique beauty. Beauty without struggle is the goal. is a beauty e-tailer that caters to women of color. is a beauty e-tailer that caters to women of color.

How do you balance being an entrepreneur and a mom?

Balance isn’t my personal goal. I don’t even think balance exists. I have so much going on in my life with 5 kids and two active businesses. And to be honest, I think that’s the way it will always be for me. I feel torn all the time between what I’m currently doing and what ‘needs to be done.’ It’s like EVERYTHING is important. So, I’ve learned to simply touch on all the important things that matter to me each day: family, work, health, travel and spirit. If I touch each of those daily, even if one gets more of my time than the other, I feel complete. Being a complete woman is my goal.

What are your go-to beauty products?

I love beauty. I love product. And it’s amazing how much great gems are out there. I’m really into healthy and simplified beauty (I’ve got 5 kids with zero time to dilly-dally) so I personally gravitate to products with high impact made from really healthy ingredients. If I can see results quickly, and if I can read the ingredients, I’m a fan!

From left: 1. Caudalie Serum Eclat, 2. Skin Regimen Duo face wash, 3. Morrocan Gold face oil
From left: 1. Caudalie Serum Eclat, 2. Skin Regimen Duo face wash, 3. Morrocan Gold face oil

For my face, I adore Caudalie Serum ร‰clat, Erbe rosemary face wash, Moroccan Gold face oil and Skin Regimen Duo face wash. For makeup, I can’t get enough of Becca. It’s all Becca everything in my bag right now. The Shimmering Skin Perfecter and Beach Tint are both unforgettable. For hair, I’m all over a brand called Davines. We’ll launch them on the site in a few weeks — brilliant Italian brand for textured hair. For skin, I love my line Georgia by Jodie Patterson. I make a Gold Cream in Geranium Rose that goes with me everywhere. It’s really THAT cream you scrape out the crevices of the top when you’re running low.

Lately, it’s been really cold outside. How do you stay stylish while keeping warm?ย 

For my winter wardrobe, I always layer. I wear textured tights and great socks with my heels all the time so I stay cozy. I love anything Tucker, so I’m always in patterns and colors even throughout the grey, cold winter — they make me happy. Cashmere is my go-to. Sweaters, blankets, socks . . . all that.

Tucker by Gaby Basora, Holiday 2013 collection
Tucker by Gaby Basora, Holiday 2013 collection

I have a stack of J. Crew cardigans. Jumpsuits are essential. I wear them weekly — 1. They remind me of Diana Ross. 2. They keep me warm. And 3, they take so little effort to look great. I’ve got an amazing vintage Bill Blass jumpsuit, tons of Tucker jumpsuits and a few custom pieces.

Who are your style icons?

Style icons . . . ummmmm, I love women who look great and have a lot to say. Women who emit attitude and are obviously smart. Phylicia Rashad, Debbie Harry, Faye Dunaway, Zora Neale Hurston — any woman of the Harlem Renaissance era.

You’re a repeat beauty entrepreneur with a great sense of style. Any plans to crossover into fashion in the future?

Why, thank you! I worked in fashion years back and loved it. My last job before venturing into beauty was as director of PR for designer Zac Posen. Fashion makes for great inspiration and expression — but beauty is the sweet spot for me. It’s a microcosm for just about everything that matters in life. Self identity, family, memory, culture, travel, health and love. It’s like, you think you’re talking beauty, but really you’re all up in the head and heart of a woman. Beauty is where I’ll stay!

To learn more about Jodie Patterson and DOOBOP, go toย Read more “Real Style” posts here.

Keep it stylish,

Andrea, S&P Founder and Editor

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