Beauty Breakdown: 3 Things to Click on Now

Between my day job and my propensity for online shopping, I spend an embarrassing amount of time online. But whatevs — it’s one of the best places to find beauty tips and trends.  Here’s what I’m loving on the interwebs right now.

Byrdie on Pinterest

Byrdie is one of my favorite beauty sites (and if you love home decor, it’s worth checking out their sister site, Domaine) and it’s worth a perusal on its own. But I am especially loving their carefully curated Pinterest boards. If only I could get a manicure every day.) There’s also a super-helpful tutorials board with posts like this one on how to get Kerry Washington gorgeous and a straight-up beauty board that lives up to its name.

Glamour’s Brush Recommendations

It’s only recently that I’ve bought what I like to call big girl brushes. As a side note, this angled contour brush from MAC is the truth. If you’re still figuring out your brush game, look to this roundup from Glamour. Pro tip: Make sure you clean your brushes regularly. The Beauty Department has the definitive guide.

The Beauty Department: How to Properly Wash Your Brushes
The Beauty Department: How to Properly Wash Your Brushes (screenshot from

Sunnie Brook’s Night Out Compact

Hair and beauty guru Sunnie Brook geared this post toward New Year’s Eve, but this clever trick will work for any event where you’re inclined to rock a clutch instead of the bag lady bag you tote around every day. And by you, I mean me. Fill an old compact with just enough foundation, blush, cream eyeshadow and lip color as you need. As they say, a little dab’ll do ya.

Stay beautiful,

Bethonie, S&P Beauty Contributor

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