November Beauty Reads

This month, I scanned Marie Claire, Allure and Elle for beauty tips and trends worth a try:

Marie Claire

Cover girl: Natalie Portman

Spotlight on: Holiday beauty! The magazine spotlights several new products sure to make great gifts. Spotted: Nars’ vibrant Guy Bourdin collection, RBG’s sleek metallic polish in Rose Gold and the budget-friendly Passion Fruit Nourishing Body Cleansing Cream from Salma Hayek’s line Nuance.

There’s also a survival guide with tips for keeping your look flawless throughout the harried holiday season. Tips range from how to prevent hangovers to how to keep your eye makeup in check as you navigate the holiday events circuit.

Pro tip: In a roundup of her favorite beauty treats, MC’s beauty director Erin Flaherty notes that Weleda’s Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Oil Capsules ($40 for a jar of 30) are a favorite among the model set. I love face oils (I always have some of Josie Maran’s oil around), so the idea of having the perfect amount measured for me every time is intriguing. Flaherty says the capsules help you achieve a dewy look. And with ingredients like Rosehip and Evening Primrose Oil, it seems to be a good match for my sensitive skin.

Etc.: Beauty editors cop to wanting to try Tom Ford’s skincare line . . . for men. Given my penchant for using baby products, I totally know where they’re coming from. Did you know that Sonia Kashuk has a bath and body line (at Target, natch)?

Also, Natalie Portman looks really pretty.


Cover girl: Naomi Watts

Spotlight on: Your hair. How to wash it, how to dry it, how to style it . . . you get the point. Oh, and how to love it. That’s important!

Pro tip: Don’t automatically rule out crazy lipstick colors like navy or purple — Allure notes that they’ll look more berry on lips and can help brighten your smile. I can confirm this: Lipstick Queen’s Jean Queen is an injeanous (see what I did there?) tube that give my pout a just-bitten look. Minty green? Bring it on — the editors point to Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Invite Only as a way to tone down a red lip.

Etc.: Allure spotlights four funky nail kits and their level of difficulty. There’s also a lesson in contouring from Cara Brook, the magazine’s 2013 pick for Blogger of the Year and a feature on Hunger Games-inspired beauty. It’s a thing.


Cover girls: Penelope Cruz, Reese Witherspoon Shailene Woodley and Melissa McCarthy November’s Elle played host to an ensemble cast of cover girls as part of the magazine’s Women in Hollywood issue.)

Spotlight on: Hollywood beauty. An article takes a look at Hollywood glam squads and the hardcore beauty rituals celebrities endure before awards shows. There’s also a guide to celebrity off-duty beauty and an interview with Chanel makeup artist Rachel Goodwin. Which brings us to . . .

Pro tip: Fake a fuller brow without reaching for the pencil, says Goodwin, who swears by Votre Vu’s Brow Definer and Taut, a brow control liquid, that I never even knew existed.

Etc.: Bold 70s-style beauty is making a comeback. And one writer travels to fragrance-obsessed Dubai to try her hand at mixing and matching scents.

Stay beautiful,

Bethonie, S&P Beauty Contributor

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