Product Review (and Giveaway): hip E Chick Body Scrubs and Lotion

A couple of years ago, I decided to splurge on a spa treatment. I don’t even know why, but instead of getting my usual massage or the slightly-more-adventurous facial, I opted for a full body scrub. It was an amazing experience — I left feeling rejuvenated and my skin was soft and silky.

It was also really, really expensive.

Maui Wowie Sugar Body Scrub, $36 (16 oz.),
Maui Wowie Sugar Body Scrub, $36 (16 oz.),

The good news is that I can get my body scrub fix out of a jar. I recently tried a great scrub from hip E Chick, a lifestyle brand dedicated to eco-friendly and non-toxic products. Many of the beauty products I use on a daily basis are natural, so I’m always on the search for other natural goodies. hip E Chick sent over the scrub in Maui Wowie and Grapefruit Gypsy, both of which smell exactly like you’d expect them to.

The grapefruit version was crisp and refreshing, but I couldn’t wait to try the coconut, pineapple and cilantro-laced Maui Wowie. I slathered it on in the shower — it was exfoliating and kind of energizing. My skin felt so amazing post-shower, I was tempted to skip the lotion, but I know better. I tried hip E Chick’s body lotion in Flower Power. The lotion did the job, but I definitely prefer the Maui Wowie or Grapefruit scents.

I definitely recommend the body scrub — it’s the perfect treat to take your skin from summer to winter. And while it feels just as luxe as my spa body scrub splurge, it’s a much better deal at $36. The organic skincare line also boasts an impressive lineup of other products from soy candles to this intriguing Liquid Gold body treatment.

Stay beautiful,

Bethonie, S&P Beauty Contributor


**UPDATE** This giveaway is now closed. Kristi is our winner. Thanks to everyone who entered — and be on the lookout for another beauty giveaway in the coming weeks on S&P

Guess what? It’s giveaway time. The kind folks at hip E Chick also sent over some extra products to share with our readers. Leave a comment below telling us about your fall skincare regimen and you could score the Maui Wowie and Grapefruit Gypsy body scrubs and the Flower Power lotion. You have until noon ET, Tues., Oct. 15 to enter for a chance to win. A winner will be selected at random and announced on Wed., Oct. 16.


3 thoughts on “Product Review (and Giveaway): hip E Chick Body Scrubs and Lotion

  1. For my fall beauty regimen, in addition to using a non-foaming facial cleanser I always switch up my face masks by using an exfoliating version. It helps to get rid of dry skin patches during that annoying transition period from warm to cooler weather.

  2. For my fall skin regimen, I use Aztec Indian Healing Clay….It’s a bit messy, but it works like a charm. Leaves the skin feeling exfoliated and super soft. When the fall and winter come… don’t get caught with dry, cracked and peeling lips….so i whip up a mixture of olive oil, pure honey and sugar. Rub it on a #boom kissable lips….Love, Peace & hair grease.

  3. I don’t really change much with my skincare routine in the fall, but during colder months before bed after washing my face I will apply a very thin layer of cocoa butter on my nose and chin. I tend to noticeably peel in these areas on my face when the weather gets cooler.

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