What I Bought . . .

It’s been entirely too long since I’ve done a “What I Bought . . .” post, but I promise it’s been for good reason. I’ve been on a self-imposed spending freeze in preparation of becoming a homeowner in the next few months. It’s been really hard not to take advantage of all these summer clearance sales happening right now, but I know all of the money that I’m saving to complete the purchase and buy furniture will have made it well worth the sacrifice.

Luckily, I had a birthday not too long ago and some of my loved ones were kind enough to give me some gift cards and b-day money — part of which I used to treat myself to a mini-shopping spree, emphasis on “mini.”

Here’s a peak at some of the goodies I picked up:

Stylin' & Profiln': What I Bought . . .


1. MADE Fashion Week for Impulse Sleeveless Pocket Utility Vest, macys.com: Last week, I visited the Macy’s near my office, because a co-worker had mentioned that they were having a ridiculously good sale. I wasn’t in need of anything in particular, but since I had a store gift card I decided to go check out just how good these deals were for myself. Just about everything was on sale, but since I’m being super stingy with my money right now, nothing immediately screamed “buy me.” After a few minutes of perusing the racks, however, I came across this vest. It’s polyester, but looks really high-quality in-person. It’s a pale olive green color, has a slight high-low hemline, shoulder straps and front pockets — all of which I love. It was originally $79, had a sales price tag of $49 and when I got to the register it rang up for $13! Definitely looking forward to layering this vest 1,001 ways come fall. It’s no longer available online, but your actual store likely still has it.

2. Bar III Necklace, Silver-Tone Black and White Plexiglass Triangle Statement Necklace, macys.com:  I’ve been totally obsessed with accessories of all kinds lately. After reading this Refinery29 feature on lucite statement pieces, I’d been itching to get my hands on a piece or two. During another “window shopping” trip at Macy’s during their July 4th sale, I spotted this necklace and thought it was edgy and cool, but decided not to get it. After leaving the store, I couldn’t help think how that was such a big mistake — especially, since I’d been coveting a lucite statement necklace. The next day I went back and bought it. With the sale, I paid just under $11 for the necklace. I’ve worn it twice so far and have gotten tons of compliments. It’s currently on sale for $18.99 online.

3. Chain Necklace, hm.com: I’d been on the fence for the longest about getting one of these gold chain link necklaces, because everybody has one. It’s definitely the it accessory of the summer. There’s an H&M near my hair salon (yes, having stores you like to shop at near your job or hair salon can be trouble) and stopped by on my way home after getting my hair done last month. Of course, they were having a sale and I picked up a couple of dressy t-shirts — that are no longer available in-store or online or else I would’ve mentioned them here — and bite the bullet and bought this chain link necklace. I had to remind myself that it’s all about how you style it rather than how many other people own the same thing. I’ve worn it a couple of times and absolutely love it.

4. Linen Jacket, zara.com: I was a lunch and movie date with one of my sisters and while we were killing time before the movie started we decided to do some window shopping. We stopped in Zara because they were having a summer sale and, in general, I only shop there when they’re having sales, b/c they’re regular prices are on the more expensive side to me. Again, not looking for anything specific, I noticed a rack of full of lightweight jackets that were marked down. I’m a sucker for a 3/4-length jacket and was immediately drawn to this jacket. I picked up the orange and cream color-blocked version, which had been marked down from $99 to $49, without hesitation. This will get worn during the fall transition period and I can’t wait to rock it regularly next spring.

Keep it stylish,

Andrea, S&P Founder and Editor

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