4 Fabulous Beauty How-to’s

I’m not afraid to admit it: I’m kind of a geek. The best part is that it goes hand-in-hand with my beauty addiction. I love to watch beauty tutorials in my free time and lately, I’ve even found inspiration on some of the beauty-related threads on Reddit. In addition to learning how to execute some of the more challenging beauty tasks (fake eyelashes, hello!), the Internet is great for finding ways to simplify your existing routine.

Here are a few of my favorite online beauty tutorials:

1. “I’m Late” by Sunnie Brook Jones — Try it: On your next manic Monday

This cheeky video from makeup artist Sunnie Brook Jones conveys a really simple message — you don’t need to pile on the makeup in the morning. In just under two minutes, you learn which parts of your daily routine are essential when you have just 15 — or five — minutes to spare.

2. Drawn-on Bottom Lashes by The Beauty Department — Try it: Before a hip concert

The Beauty Department is one of my favorite sites. I can always find out-of-the-box ideas to switch up my look. I can’t wait to jazz up my lashes with liquid liner and a colorful shade like purple or teal.


3. Ombre Eye Makeup by Taylor Barringer/Refinery29 — Try it: Before your next date night

This is part of Refinery29’s very clutch Insta-Makeover series. Barringer (now senior beauty editor at Elle.com) demonstrates how to create a glam smokey eye using one of my favorite shadows (MAC shadow in Club). It’s less severe than your typical smokey eye and totally unexpected, not to mention guy-friendly.

Ombre Eye Makeup Tutorial

4. Sprung on Spring by ulovemegz — Try it: Before girls night out

Girly girls will find inspiration in this video from YouTube beauty guru ulovemegz. Here, she creates a flirty look perfect for spring.

BONUS (well, it’s not really a bonus…): Drunk Makeup Tutorial by Jenna Marbles — Try it: Don’t EVER try this. But watch it. It’s hilarious.

The New York Times recently profiled Marbles and the article led with some background on this LOL-inducing video, in which Marbles tells viewers, quite candidly, how to do their makeup after a serious day-drinking sesh.

READERS’ TAKE: Do you have a favorite online beauty tutorial? Share it in the comments.

Stay beautiful,

Bethonie, S&P Beauty Contributor

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