Product Reviews: NCLA Nail Wraps, CK One Color Shine Lipstick & LaLicious Body Oil

As summer draws near, I’m looking to take some of the maintenance out of my beauty routine (I’m looking at you, blowouts). Recently, I tested three new products that will help get you glam without having to log hours in front of the mirror.

CK One Color Shine Lipstick in Twisted, $16,
CK One Color Shine Lipstick in Twisted, $16,

Paint Your Pout

I’m already pretty low-maintenance when it comes to my lips. I usually turn to lip balm, but occasionally I want a pop of color. CK One Color Shine Lipstick gave me the non-sticky gloss of a balm and the color of a lipstick. I tried three shades: twisted (an electric pink), rush  (a muted coral), and high (a soft pink). Rush and high were both close to the natural shade of my lips. And twisted is a hot enough pink that I’d normally shy away from it — but I loved it.

The lipsticks are long-lasting and come in sleek black and white tubes. You’ll definitely want to throw them in your bag and take with you everywhere. And at $16 a pop, they won’t break the bank. The lipsticks come in twelve shades and are available exclusively at Ulta.

Ditch the Mani

I’m not good at painting my nails. Actually, I’m not good at cutting, buffing, filing . . . well, you get the point. So I was excited, but nervous, to try NCLA‘s funky nail wraps. Designer Melody Ehsani, known for her edgy jewelry and shoes, designed a collection of nail wraps with the beauty brand in prints ranging from graffiti-inspired to vibrant leopard.

NCLA "Been Around the World" Nail Wraps, $16 per set
NCLA “Been Around the World” Nail Wraps, $16 per set

A set comes with two sheets of nail wraps, a nail file, five-step instructions and cost $16 each.

I tried out the “Been Around the World” and “Umoja” prints. They’re not exactly 9-to-5 friendly, so I tried them out over the weekend. Remember when I said I wasn’t good at doing my nails? That’s key (check out the image to the right to see my attempt at applying the wraps). Per Melody Ehsani’s Instagram, here’s what it looks like when you actually know what you’re doing.

LaLicious Sugar Kiss Body Oil, $24 (8 oz.),
LaLicious Sugar Kiss Body Oil, $24 (8 oz.),

I put a coat of clear polish underneath and on top of the wraps, as NCLA suggests. My wraps held tough throughout the weekend. To remove them, you just have to pull the wrap off your nails. There may be some light residue from the sticky part of the wraps, so I’d recommend you’d follow that with a quick swipe of nail polish remover and a good cuticle treatment (I’m a fan of CND’s SolarOil).

Give Yourself a Glow

I’ve tried argan, almond, and even agave body oils. They’re great at sealing in moisture, post-shower. LaLicious’ Sugar Kiss Body Oil is no different. Not only did it keep me moisturized for hours, it gave me a subtle glow and a scent that smells vaguely like sugar cookies that are ready to come out of the oven. Yeah, that good. The best part? It’s made with all natural oils (including coconut, sweet almond and vitamin E) and is paraben-free. 

LaLicious body oils come in two, eight and 32 ounce size bottles and range in price from $8 to $80.

Stay beautiful,

Bethonie, S&P Beauty Contributor

**DISCLAIMER: Stylin’ & Profilin’ was provided product samples for review.**

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