Product Review: Lacquered Up With NCLA

NCLA's Malibu Beach Babe, $16,
NCLA’s Malibu Beach Babe, $16,

If you follow Stylin’ & Profilin’ on Instagram, then you know I love a great manicure as much as I love affordable fashion. Changing your nail polish or trying out some DIY nail art is a quick and easy way to accessorize an outfit on the cheap.

So, when NCLA — a Los Angeles-based brand that specializes in polishes that are free of harsh chemicals — sent over some nail lacquers for review, I couldn’t resist sharing with you readers.

In case you didn’t already know, NCLA is the same nail polish brand that Beyonce wore to the inauguration last month. They offer a wide range of fun colors from pastels to bold brights to metallics. I was testing out two creamy shades: Malibu Beach Babe (a deep teal) and Downtown Dollface (a pale grey).

I’m still not on the gel manicure bandwagon, so a regular polish that can last for at least 5 days with no chips is impressive to me.  When I wore Malibu Beach Babe, it definitely held up with the help of a fresh top coat every other day (check out this IG pic). And, after seeing all of the beautiful nail trends from NYFW, I wanted to try my hand at some DIY nail art using these lacquers — but I thought it best to test it out on a friend (thanks, Mylz!), since I’m a little shaky when it comes to polishing with my left hand.

The nails at Tracy Reese’s  Fall 2013 runway show were my fave. They were super chic — a metallic gold edge peeked out from underneath a bright turquoise shade (click the link for a how-to) — and looked easy to do, so I played manicurist for a few hours and got to work. Check out the pics below of the finished product.

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The polishes were easy to work with and the colors really pop. They cost $16 a bottle — a bit pricey, but worth it. Check out NCLA’s full collection at P.S., They’ve got nail wraps, too!


Andrea, S&P Founder and Editor

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