Luxe Life vs. Real Life: Gingham Pencil Skirt

Gingham is one of those prints that never goes out of style (you can’t go wrong with “the prep” — ever!). So, when we spotted this Jil Sander ‘Leica’ Gingham Midi-Skirt over at, it was love at first sight (the midi-length, the curve-hugging silhouette . . . *swoon*) — but for $392, there had to be a look-a-like some where that would leave you with enough money left over to create two or three looks for the price of this one skirt. And, indeed it was!

ASOS’s Petite Exclusive Pencil Skirt in Gingham isn’t quite as long (it hit justs below the knee), but it’s just as fabulous — the sleek silhouette and the whimsical print all for less than $20. You can buy a couple pair of shoes and some tops to get multiple wears for the price of the Jil Sander version. And wouldn’t it look modern and sophisticated worn with a fitted neon sweater, an oversized clutch and nude pumps? A fresh take on ’50s chic.

Luxe Life vs. Real Life: Gingham Pencil Skirt

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