Luxe Life vs. Real Life: Studded Booties

Every season there’s some new it item coveted by fashionistas everywhere. This fall, that item is designer Isabel Marant’s line of Western-inspired embellished ankle boots. They come in four styles:  Berry, BlacksonMemphis and Milwaukee. In addition to being super chic, they all range in price from about $1,200 to $1,500 — that’s pricey to say the least (and an entire month’s rent for many people).

If you really like the look, but can’t afford to spend that much on a pair of shoes, don’t fret. Some of your favorite budget-friendly shops (like Zara) have wasted no time creating look-a-likes, but it’s Nine West’s version of Marant’s Milwaukee boot that really caught our eye. They’re almost as good as the original and don’t look cheaply made. And you can totally justify skipping a few dinners out on the town to foot the bill for these beauties that are currently on sale for $195.31.

Luxe Life vs. Real Life: Studded Boots
READERS WEIGH-IN: Would you wear the Nine West version?

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