Luxe Life vs. Real Life: Party Dress

There are some designer knock-offs that are so close to the original that even big name publications can’t help but take note. Recently, the nearly identical look of Jessica Simpson’s ‘Evangel’ platform sandal to Christian Louboutin’s ‘Straratata’ heel sparked fashion commentary from the likes of the Huffington Post and New York Magazine just to name a few.

We were perusing the sale section of and spotted the Lipsy Color Block Metallic Belt Dress and instantly had flashbacks of Gucci’s Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear collection that was jam-packed with chic color-blocked looks. It also had a dress that was clearly the inspiration for the version we found over at ASOS — right down to the tulip skirt.

Yes, blatant copycat designs are most definitely frowned upon, but for $58.19, you could score a runway-inspired look for pennies relative to what you’d pay for the real deal.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Would that be incentive enough for you to rock this look-a-like dress?

Photo of Gucci dress:
Photo of Gucci dress:

2 thoughts on “Luxe Life vs. Real Life: Party Dress

  1. For me it would have to be WHERE I was wearing the dress. Fashion is supposed to be fun, and as long as no one is trying to pass the Asos off for a Gucci, then I dont think its too much harm. I would wear the (for this example) Asos dress to a small house party in my neighborhood or to a friends house. I wouldnt wear the Asos to a NYC party where people are going to really care about WHO i was wearing.

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