Closet Case: How to Organize Your Accessories

If you’re obsessed with accessories — you own more statement necklaces than you can count or have stacks upon stacks of bangles on your dresser — than you’re probably always looking for easily accessible ways to store your stuff that looks just as nice as your sparkly baubles.

Velvet In-Drawer Jewelry Tray by October Company, $37.99,
Velvet In-Drawer Jewelry Tray by October Company, $37.99,

S&P talked to Deb Lee, a Certified Professional Organizer®, productivity specialist and owner of, about ways to store jewelry and other accessories that take up minimal space.

What are some mistakes people make when storing their jewelry items, such as necklaces, bracelets and rings?

Usually, people don’t keep things in the same place and sometimes jewelry ends up in the kitchen, in the bedroom on the nightstand or in the bathroom. These are places that we use most frequently in the home, so it’s no surprise that jewelry items often end up in those spots.

If you really want to find your favorite earrings, keep them in the same place all the time.  You can try storing them in a container that you don’t have to dig through. When you have to dig for your prized pieces, it takes longer to find what you want and you might end up breaking or scratching them.

Mount a jewelry board on the wall or inside your closet to store your necklaces or bracelets. (Photo:

What are a few simple ways to organize your jewelry and other accessories, such as belts, on your dresser or in a walk-in closet space?

Think about the amount of space you have to determine the best location to keep your accessories. If your low on surface space (i.e., your dresser), think high (i.e., go  vertical) and mount a belt rack — or hooks — on the inside of your closet door, on the back of your bedroom door or on an easily accessible wall inside your closet. If you have a walk-in closet with drawers, you can use jewelry trays and even put them in your dresser drawers.

Are there any storage products available to help fashionistas neatly and stylishly store their jewelry and accessory items?

Yes, there are a couple pieces that look good and work well for storing accessories. If out of sight means out of mind for you, pick a pretty storage unit that will live permanently on top of your dresser or on a wall that you can get to easily. Also, consider using an over-the-door shoe bag to store belts, scarves, gloves, nylons and jewelry — just about everything. You can get them in canvas or clear plastic.

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